TALK TNA Interview With Davey Richards – Talks Slammiversary, ROH, Tag Teams, TNA’s Direction And A Lot More

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Just one day after his great performance in the six man ladder match at Slammiversary, one half of the TNA tag champions, Davey Richards joined me on the podcast to discuss many topics, including:

  • How close Davey got to signing with the WWE and why he chose to make the move to TNA
  • Focus being on more in ring action in TNA and whether they are headed in that direction
  • Coming to wrestle in the UK
  • TNA’s house shows
  • What happened between Davey and Ring Of Honor and why he’ll never go back there
  • What Davey thinks of Jim Cornette
  • Can the focus once again be placed on tag teams and will we see that happen soon?
  • Hear what Davey thinks of wrestling matches being given star ratings
  • What are the differences between the WWE and TNA
  • Hear the full story of how Davey became a paramedic and a fire fighter and what it means to him
  • What can TNA do to grow their business. Hear why Davey thinks the sky is the limit for TNA
  • Do Davey and Richard have a chance to give their input in terms of creative direction?
  • How possible is it for a wrestler to make a good living away from the WWE or TNA
  • Hear how Davey almost moved to the UK for six months.

All that and a whole lot more. It’s a great interview, so check it out now. And don’t forget to follow Davey on Twitter HERE.

  • Vincent Is Valentine

    Much respect to Davey. Such a genuine person with true dedication to his craft.

  • Bloodreign

    That was a great and sincere interview, Davey explained why things are how they are with him.

  • David Gilbert

    yep. Really refreshing to hear someone talk about the business the way he does. He has such an honest respect and love for wrestling and that comes through.

  • TNA Dude

    Great interview. Glad to see a guy that has his priorities in order and is at ease with himself and genuinely happy with his place in the world.

  • ajstylesjoelowki

    Thanks for the interview.he is a great person.I wish TNA could put Davey Joe Low Ki in the title pictures and creates feuds around these three.