TALK TNA INTERVIEW – Kenny King Talks WWE Tough Enough, ROH, Jim Cornette, X-Division, MVP, Lashley and loads more


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Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with TNA superstar, Kenny King. It’s a very insightful interview with a very cool guy. We’re big fans of Kenny King here at TALK TNA and below are some of the subjects we covered in the interview.

  • Was he a wrestling fan growing up and did he watch WWF or WCW?
  • His time in WWE Tough Enough
  • Memories of his 2005 TNA run
  • How things ended with Ring Of Honor and his thoughts on Jim Cornette
  • What he brings to the X-Divsion
  • How had TNA changed since 2005
  • Why his feud with Austin Aries was seemingly cut short
  • Thoughts on the recent New York shows
  • Wrestling in Japan and the UK
  • What can wrestling do to bring back some of the lapsed fans
  • Is he still dating Janet Jackson
  • and more!!!!

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  • Vincent Is Valentine

    The King Of The Night has spoken!!!

  • Vincent Is Valentine

    How good of him to acknowledge his past with Ring Of Honor.

  • Vincent Is Valentine

    Like the issue with Kevin Steen, Kenny King also had his own problems with Corny. No surprise.

  • Jav of Steel

    Cornette makes a small fortune being a dbag. I bet JJ is going to hire him and fire him soon after.